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The YETI Mentorship Program

Project YETI is incredibly excited to offer young Tibetan-American students the opportunity to apply for a competitive YETI mentorship program designed to help ambitious and capable students navigate the complex college application, graduate school application, and job application processes.

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YETI Mentors

The Class of 2017-2018 YETI Mentors is made up of 14 college juniors, seniors, and recent graduates with areas of expertise ranging from subjects like Economics and International Relations to Mechanical Engineering, Molecular Biology, and Computer Sciences. These inspiring and incredibly accomplished young Tibetans represent a valuable resource for Tibetan students everywhere.

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The Project YETI Mentorship Program is designed to run the course of one academic year (from September to June) and is structured in two tiers based on academic seniority. Rising 11th and 12th grade high school students are classified as Junior YETI Scholars while rising college freshmen and sophomores are classified as Senior YETI Scholars. Junior YETI Scholar and Senior YETI Scholar positions are selected by competitive application.

One Junior YETI Scholar and one Senior YETI Scholar will be paired with one YETI Mentor based on their academic and career interests, creating a three-person YETI Mentorship Family. Using virtual communication methods (Skype, Google Hangouts, e-mail, etc.) each YETI Mentorship Family will help guide Junior and Senior Scholars through college applications, major selection, internship and graduate school applications, and more.

Mentorship OLD: About Us
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